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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cooking a Turkey, End of X-Files S. 1, and the Turkey Dong in My Trash

Yes, I'm cooking a turkey, no I seen the X-Files (in their entirety), and yes, there really is a turkey's wang sitting in my trash.

Cooking a turkey is likely the most uninvolved recipe I've ever taken part of, that is unless I were to sit inside the oven with the bird and listen for the plastic thermometer to "pop!" In the preparation for said turkey, I found out that much to my suspicions, the giblets were in fact... giblets. The things I do barehanded to poultry. During which I've watched the last 5 episodes of Season 1 (and continuing the second season).

Spent some time on skype with a long distance friend (it's good to know people in far off places if you're paranoid about T.H.E.M. finding you), talked about video games, drinks, life, etc. Learned something about internets, don't disconnect your ethernet even if you have wi-fi, because it will interrupt the signal, unless you know something I don't about it.

Oh, Borderlands, how you've faithfully provided me with nearly a year of entertainment, I hope you get a good sequel, with free DLC (fucking microsoft) to extend its life.

Not much else in terms of updates. Farewell.


  1. If you hate cooking a turkey, you should really give a look on my Thanksgiving post!

  2. i love turkey, i love x-files, i love borderlands... that's the trinity of non-faggotry