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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm going to kick my roommate out into the snowy dark.

If she can't pay for her half of the rent this month, despite having a new job longer than I. I deeply suspect she is unable to, because of a few factors:

  1. She's a woman, and has no grasp on finances
  2. She was never properly trained in responsibility for one's actions
  3. Is dumb as a post and bought $240 worth of shoes and women's accessories
I'm not bitter.
I may be over-exaggerating a tad, but he bank statement (she leaves these things just laying about) reflected a negative balance. She also has an uncashed check in her wallet too. (Not a creeper.) I'm planning various ways of exposing her as the worthless scab she is (or at least informing her of it, I know she's scummy, I do wish I had learned this before we decided to be roommates). Somehow I deserve it, but the least I can do in this situation is try to pound in some basic finances for the average adult.

Speaking to some of my better informed and wiser friends think I have the right to be angry and seek restitution, or at least some minor revenge. I'm not entirely consumed by this endeavor, but it is on the mental backburner in terms of priority in the execution of the matter.

I've finished up the training facility's testing today, and I begin on-the-job-training tomorrow morning at 5 a.m., which is preceded by a 25 minute drive. I am thoroughly looking forward to waking up at the asscrack of dawn to drive out to the distribution center.

I'm still watching the X-files, finally broke into season 4, watching the infamous "Home" episode. Despite watching a good number of these episodes when I was younger, I'm still held by the standalone episodes' monster stories. 

Update! My roommate claims she has the needed funds (and more even!) to do the responsible thing and pay for her right to continue living in the apartment as an equal human being, albeit barely.

In summary, I may or may not have to lock out my roommate by changing the locks. (It sounds like a fun idea, too.)


  1. All signs point to "kick her ass out"... $300 on shoes just makes me rage...

  2. Use this to your advantage... releive some stress on her

  3. UGH, I feel your pain! I am in a very similar predicament with my roommate. She can get on my nerves so much sometimes! I always like to set some time aside for myself to just calm down and let the stress she induces melt away. Great blog by the way. I will certainly return!