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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm going to kick my roommate out into the snowy dark.

If she can't pay for her half of the rent this month, despite having a new job longer than I. I deeply suspect she is unable to, because of a few factors:

  1. She's a woman, and has no grasp on finances
  2. She was never properly trained in responsibility for one's actions
  3. Is dumb as a post and bought $240 worth of shoes and women's accessories
I'm not bitter.
I may be over-exaggerating a tad, but he bank statement (she leaves these things just laying about) reflected a negative balance. She also has an uncashed check in her wallet too. (Not a creeper.) I'm planning various ways of exposing her as the worthless scab she is (or at least informing her of it, I know she's scummy, I do wish I had learned this before we decided to be roommates). Somehow I deserve it, but the least I can do in this situation is try to pound in some basic finances for the average adult.

Speaking to some of my better informed and wiser friends think I have the right to be angry and seek restitution, or at least some minor revenge. I'm not entirely consumed by this endeavor, but it is on the mental backburner in terms of priority in the execution of the matter.

I've finished up the training facility's testing today, and I begin on-the-job-training tomorrow morning at 5 a.m., which is preceded by a 25 minute drive. I am thoroughly looking forward to waking up at the asscrack of dawn to drive out to the distribution center.

I'm still watching the X-files, finally broke into season 4, watching the infamous "Home" episode. Despite watching a good number of these episodes when I was younger, I'm still held by the standalone episodes' monster stories. 

Update! My roommate claims she has the needed funds (and more even!) to do the responsible thing and pay for her right to continue living in the apartment as an equal human being, albeit barely.

In summary, I may or may not have to lock out my roommate by changing the locks. (It sounds like a fun idea, too.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cooking a Turkey, End of X-Files S. 1, and the Turkey Dong in My Trash

Yes, I'm cooking a turkey, no I seen the X-Files (in their entirety), and yes, there really is a turkey's wang sitting in my trash.

Cooking a turkey is likely the most uninvolved recipe I've ever taken part of, that is unless I were to sit inside the oven with the bird and listen for the plastic thermometer to "pop!" In the preparation for said turkey, I found out that much to my suspicions, the giblets were in fact... giblets. The things I do barehanded to poultry. During which I've watched the last 5 episodes of Season 1 (and continuing the second season).

Spent some time on skype with a long distance friend (it's good to know people in far off places if you're paranoid about T.H.E.M. finding you), talked about video games, drinks, life, etc. Learned something about internets, don't disconnect your ethernet even if you have wi-fi, because it will interrupt the signal, unless you know something I don't about it.

Oh, Borderlands, how you've faithfully provided me with nearly a year of entertainment, I hope you get a good sequel, with free DLC (fucking microsoft) to extend its life.

Not much else in terms of updates. Farewell.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

So I may break the pattern of titles someday.

Still waiting for the results of my background and drug screening tests before I go to work. At least I have money to survive until then. As if I really was going to have difficulty in surviving until then. The only real priorities is having enough gas to get to and from training centers and Delaware until the 23rd when my *first* paycheck will arrive (ouch, 16 days). And wouldn't ya know it, gas is $3/gal. Feels bad man.

The cable (TV) is temporarily disconnected (because it's expensive, and my roommate is a selfish, fiscally irresponsible cunt-tard) but I still have internets, I hopefully assume is the case because they hope I use it to re-activate the cable TV again. Until then, I'm going to be watching movies and possibly the entirety of the X-files. And on that note, I'm going to start the conversion process of the first season. (Conversion by Any Video Converter free version, shameless plug for freeware)

Ended short relationship with girlfriend, she didn't think things would work out with her working and classes at school. Understandable, can't expect someone to give up their own future for present happiness (unless you're my roommate, in which case someone else will save your hide -- yesimad).

That's all for now.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good news, everyone! I work in a warehouse now, which means money, exercise, and benefits!

Kroger Distro center in Delaware, OH. If my math is right, I'll be living almost too well within my means. Unfortunately, I can't build my debt prison this way! I could even get myself out of my student loans debt! Let's hope no one in the gub'ment catches wind of that.

In other news, good or ill, I'm watching NASA tell me about the new arsenic-eating bacteria! Bill Nye (whose official title is apparently) The Science Guy broke it down and told me that life as we didn't expect must exist. 

Microbes, they're pretty awesome.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So I may have stumbled upon a delicious, nutritious meal

1 can light tuna, drained
2 eggs, large, scrambled
1 can beans, black, drained
1 can mushrooms, with stems, cut, drained

approx. 15g fat, 24g carbs, 26g protein.

scramble eggs, add drained tuna, mushrooms, and beans, mix thoroughly. Season as desired. Nom when finished.

So I may tell you what I'm eating, because that's signifi CHARACTER LIMIT REACHED

Tomorrow's Breakfast

6oz 170g Nonfat Yogurt
100 calories 0 calories from fat
0g total fat 18g carbohydrates
13g sugar 5g protein

with either

3/4 cup 32g of Puffed Rice Cereal (Chocolate)
130 calories 15 calories from fat
2g total fat 27g total carbohydrates
12g sugar 2g protein


1 cup 30g Corn Squares
110 calories 0 calories from fat
0g total fat 26g carbohydrates
3g sugar 2g protein


So I may have deleted my first post...

Because I don't read what I'm clicking. Herp, derp.

Lesson learned.

So I may as well introduce myself...

Nice to meet you. /Firm handshake
Now that it's out of the way, you can call me Tiberius Ecen, that is most definitely not my real name. Sorry. I think it's time to copy and paste some sort of primer that floats around the interwebs. Hmph. I feel 16 and on a myspace again. /vomit

001. Name →Tiberius Ecen
002. Nickname(s) Don't have 'em for a pen name.
003. Status → In a Relationshoop
004. Zodiac sign → Leo
005. Male or female → Male
006. Elementary → Sauder
007. Middle School → Olentangy Middle
008. High School → Olentangy Liberty High
009. Smart? → Yes, wise?
010. Hair color → Brown
011. Tall or Short → 6' 1"
012. Loud or Quiet → Speak softly, with a big stick.
013. Sweats or Jeans → Jeans, brah
014. Phone or Camera → My phone is opened up like a laptop next to me. Oh dear.
015. Health freak → I'm aware that I should be healthy, and trying to eat better.
016. Drink or Smoke? → Yes, trying to quit smoking.
017. Do you have a crush on someone? →Nope.
018. Eating or Drinking → A while until lunch. I had yogurt and granola with a cup of Earl Grey this morning for breakfast.
019. Piercings? → Nope.
021. Name best friends? → Sean and Tim
022. What did you do last night → Stayed up late, watching TV and talking to girlfriend about her fashion business paper.

023. First piercing → Don't have 'em.
024. First best friend(s) → Drew?
025. First award → Art award? Sure.
026. First crush → Brittany.
027. First pet → Scruffy, a little Westie.
028. First big vacation → Disney World FL
030. First big birthday → 8th Birthday, I had a tent full of presents, and a Batman tent! U Jelly?

049. Eating → Nothing at the moment.
050. Drinking → Water
052. I'm about to → Check my e-mail and open up Pandora
053. Listening to → Prolly Ska, lets see what gets spat out: Big D!
054. Plans for today → It's 1:30, probably going to exercise and line up some zombie movies to watch with the girl later.
055. Who is your biggest role model → Self-made millionaires.

058. Want kids? → Eventually, I'm going to need fresh organs some day.
059. Want to get married? → Not really, it's not a commitment issue, it's just an outdated institution.
060. Careers → No idea.
061. Any ideas of who you want to marry? → Someone I get along with
062. There is no question 62.
063. Plans for any future (being with someone) → I can play out scenarios, but that kind of thing hardly works out the way you want, does it?

068. Lips or eyes → Lips
069. Personality or looks → A good personality, and an attractive physique are equally important.
070. Shorter or taller? → No preference, but my girlfriend is 6' tall. Wat.
072. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneous with forethought.
075. Hook-up or relationship → N/A

081. Ran away from home → Nope
082-083. Tim edited this, I'm going to poop in his basement now.
084. Broken someone's heart → Oh, I hope not.
085. Been arrested → Not yet.
086. Goddammit.
087. Cried when someone died → A little bit, I'm still human after all. (And now I had to make a Daft Punk station on Pandora)
088. Been in love → Yes.

089. Yourself → You can't do much if you don't believe in yourself.
090. WTF mate!?
091. Love at first sight → Not really.
092. Heaven → It'd be a relief not to have to worry that death is the end.
093. Santa Claus → You mean he's not real? I thought all things my parents told me were true!
094. Sex on the first date → It happens.
095. Kiss on the first date → Also happens.
096. Going out with someone more then once → It did happen.

097. Is there one person you want to be with right now → Mari, but she needs to study for her exams. Surprises should be planned.
098. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? In some areas, yes, but overall, not very happy.
099. Do you believe in God → I think it's possible there's a creator, but not a personal god.
100. Will you punch Tim in the face for pussing out and deleting questions? Very likely.

100 Questions rubbed out, now lets look around my apartment and see what it tells about me.

  1. Walking in: you see a pair of somewhat weathered purple chairs, a fried PSU on a shelf, and a very large and un-steal-able TV, my laptop and fairly bare walls. My laptop dual-boots Windows 7 and Linux Ubuntu 10.10. I use a Logitech trackball mouse for everyday stuff, and a $5 optic mouse that came with my desktop for GIMP.
  2. The kitchen: it's slightly down the hall, it is usually messy, but this time it's clean. The fridge is kind of scarcely filled, but the freezer has a ham and a turkey in it. /shrug. Occasionally there is beer in my fridge, if I could get beer today there would be Leinenkugel's Winter Seasonal.
  3. My bathroom: Nothing matches. There's a dead OSU analog clock on the "guest" towel rack, and an orange towel on the floor to absorb water. There's Head & Shoulders shampoo (because I get a dry scalp otherwise) and 2 bottles of AXE body wash, as well as a bright blue scrubby blob thing.
  4. My room: Messy as hell. My desktop is actually powered down, and my bed is not made. Not much to say about this, other than the hole in the wall still needs work to patch up, and the piles of clothes need to be folded up.
  5. Roommate's room: No idea, I assume that the noise and smell is from wild bears that live in the caverns adjacent to the building.