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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Good news, everyone! I work in a warehouse now, which means money, exercise, and benefits!

Kroger Distro center in Delaware, OH. If my math is right, I'll be living almost too well within my means. Unfortunately, I can't build my debt prison this way! I could even get myself out of my student loans debt! Let's hope no one in the gub'ment catches wind of that.

In other news, good or ill, I'm watching NASA tell me about the new arsenic-eating bacteria! Bill Nye (whose official title is apparently) The Science Guy broke it down and told me that life as we didn't expect must exist. 

Microbes, they're pretty awesome.


  1. Good job finding a job, i still need to.

  2. Yea, good thing you found a job... it tough nowadays

  3. good luck with the new job! and the bacteria they discovered uses arsenic, one of the most poisonous substance on earth, in place of phosphorus in its DNA... this is a huge discovery as it makes life possible in environments completely different from earth's!